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Ebook - Discipleship Massimizza

Ebook - Discipleship


Pastor Roselen Boerner Faccio


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The Vision of Sabaoth Church

The Rules of Love

The Method of Sabaoth Church

We Are a New Creature, Redeemed by Christ

We Are Justified and Have Communion with God


The World

Evangelization Course

Introduction to Prayer

The Holy Spirit and His gifts

The Character of the Believer

Knowing the Enemy

Trials and Temptations

The Family

The Blood Covenant

We Are the Temple of the Holy Spirit

The Bible is Trustworthy

The Authority of the Believer

Government, Authority and Submission

Economic Prosperity

Occultism and Worship of Other Gods

Introduction to Eschatology

The Protestant Reformation

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Ebook - Discipleship

Ebook - Discipleship


Pastor Roselen Boerner Faccio

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